What is an Everyday Diva?

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Come on, you already know the answer to this question don't you. An Everyday Diva is a person who works hard but looks good doing it. Mothers know exactly what this feels like. So, do factory workers, service workers, or anyone who society fails to notice the beauty of what you do. You know this because you are an Everyday Diva. At Staceybo, we only wish to help you bring that fabulousness out so the rest of the world can see.  You need a ring, or rings, chains, necklaces, or earrings, it is Staceybo that has your back. She is an Everyday Diva, and she knows what you want. Because she wants it too.  

The everyday people! You work hard! You want to Play Hard! You are the unseen who make the world turn. That doesn't mean you have to Pay Hard. That is an Everyday Diva.

The Everyday Divas are refusing to accept they cannot have a glamorous style to go with that glamorous personality. We’re always hearing about “everyday people.”  They’re wholesome, down to earth people who do not wish to be seen. Hogwash! They are the people who deserve to be seen, and they’re outraged at a world that doesn't see them. The Everyday Diva is seen, no doubt about it.

The Everyday Diva makes the world spin and looks damn good while doing it. Need a watch that looks great, isn’t junk, but doesn’t break the bank. So do I! And I found them. And who else deserves to look this good but the people who, well deserve to look this good.

Some cheap sites are, well, just cheap. Not here. Not when the Everyday Diva looks fabulous at a cost that is fabulous too. We are an underrated affordable Jewelry Store with the goal of making the everyday person into the Divas they deserve to be. 

We believe that a piece of jewelry is much more than accessory, ring, charm, necklace: It’s a memory of a place and time, it’s a commitment to rewarding yourself and others, it’s a precious thank you, or a gift of appreciation for all you do. Staceybo works hard to bring together a list of products that we home help bring your diva out, and our dedicated staff is always pleased to help other Everyday Divas, and manufacturers and suppliers that bring us the high quality and affordable jewelry and unique pieces. Made from precious metals and stones of all kinds and colors.  We hope that you love your jewelry as much as we love helping you get your diva on. Because we are Everyday Divas too.  


Best wishes,

Staceybo: A Everyday Diva

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